The collector and the history

Henning J. Claassen, founder and owner of the hotels “Bergström” and “Altes Kaufhaus” and also founder of the listed Impreglon SE, has been looking for a suitable room for his art collection for several years.

During the renovation and transformation of the building into the hotel “Altes Kaufhaus” he took the opportunity to turn 400 sqm of the previously unused basement into an art gallery.

About 70 works of art of over 40 artists tell the story of an enthusiastic passion for collecting, which began 50 years ago and still is far away from being brought to an end today. This is not only the reason for the constant alternation of the art works in the gallery but also explains how the collecting activities have lead to a wide range of contemporary art that not only invites connoisseurs of art to an excursion through the genres photography, painting and sculpture but also anyone who wants to immerse into the diverting world of the creative people.

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